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Summer Martial Arts Special

Come and take advantaje of the summer specials for children and youth all summer. yo can pay per week or month.

Monthly price starting $ 55.00 Dlls. 

Give us a call for more info and special prices for families and other classes we offer.

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Fitness Central

Find Your Strength


Our Commitment

Since we were established in 2016, Fitness Central has changed lives all over El Paso Tx. Above all, we’ve made it our mission to teach the world how to build strength, character and spirit through focused fitness. Whether you’re new to this or a master of the craft, Fitness Central can help wash away the stresses and shape a stronger, better you. Give us a call today!



Exciting, electrifying and engaging fun—that’s what our classes are known for. They are so much more than high octane music or choreographed movements. It’s where you build camaraderie and new friendships with people who have similar goals, passions and enthusiasm. Get moving and sign up for a class today.


Zumba Fitness

Surpass Your Goals

This class is sure to become your next obsession. It’s based around the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. By combining fun and enjoyment with physical activity, we’re here to prove that we can maximize your potential with emotional and physiological fitness.


Fitness & Toning

Making of a stronger you

Join us for this class and train your way to a healthy body and mind. These techniques build a strong body from which one can transition into more advanced stages, including a diversity of coordination and modifications to suit a range of difficulties, from beginner to advanced. Book now, and treat yourself today — you deserve it!

Pilates Stretches



Wake up early and join us for this class, our unique fusion of fitness and fun that’ll have your heart pumping in no time. Among its many benefits, participating helps improve coordination, reaction time, and memory. Sign up now!

Kick Practice

Kick Boxing

Get tougher with a peaceful mind

We have Kickboxing classes for adults and young adults. Explore your stamina.
Is a group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-peace cardio, this discipline improves coordination and flexibility, you will burn calories as you build lean muscle as well as Coordinate your hand, eye and legs with this fun and challenging workout

Martial Arts Class

Martial Arts

Master the art of self discipline

We offer  Martial Arts classes for children and teenagers. Martial Arts is a very complete discipline of much help  in the physical and mental development of the individual, strengthens self-confidence, self-esteem and safety, three essential qualities for a person to cope with any situation of danger.

In our classes students will learn and hand handling techniques, they also be taught ways that will help  in self-control  and deep concentration.

Another part of this class is the handling of weapons such as Bamboo, sword, etc. and personal defense which is introduced to students according their progress in class.

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Everything You Need

We have an enthusiastic, skilled, and inspiring Team who guide you find your fitness and wellness goals, developing an exercise plan to help you meet those needs. Our team have a positive and encouraging attitude to motivate clients to reach their fitness goals.

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Zumba Instructor

With more than 7 years of experience Araceli found in Zumba her pasion for a fitness life and she loves to share with all her class every day her knowledge and motivate everyone to stay in a fitness life.
She does her very best to trasmit what Zumba does for her to everyone and enjoy every minute of her class with a fun and effective workout system


Martial Arts Instructor

Her passion for Martial Arts started from an early age, this art particularly  Kenpo Karate including Kickboxing, Full Contact, Self Defense and weapon handling. she started practicing at age of 6 years old  obtaining her black belt degree at age of 12 and has continued to improve with the passage of time, later in college  she practiced Karate Shotokan discipline  that led her to compete throughout the country tournaments called national universities also obtaining her black belt degree in ShotoKan.


Exceeding Expectations

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if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us


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